Sudden Strike Jackpots

Sudden Strike Jackpots

Any Spin, Any Time!

Q: What are Sudden Strike Jackpots?

A: Sudden Strike Jackpots are progressive jackpots that can be won on any spin by anyone playing with a Gold Rewards Club card.

Q: How do I win a Sudden Strike Jackpot?

A: Sudden Strike winning jackpots hit randomly. To win, just make sure you are actively playing a slot machine with your Gold Rewards Club card properly inserted.

Q: How much can I win?

A: We have two Sudden Strike Jackpots.  The Mini Major starts at $1200 and is guaranteed to hit before it reaches $5,000.  The Major jackpot starts at $1200 and must hit before reaching $25,000.

Q: Which machines are eligible?

A: Every slot machine at Gold Dust West Elko is eligible for the Sudden Strike Jackpots.

Q: How do I know what the Sudden Strike amounts are?

A: The television screens will show the current Sudden Strike Jackpot amounts.